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How to make a Paper Bowl

Created by: KristiLee1890

Step: 1: - a magazine (I didn't use more than half of a magazine) - glue gun I started by making a tight little roll and making the flat circle that I showed you the other day. This can also make a useful trivet if you continue the flat shape to the desired size.

Step: 2: Each strip that I used is made from one page of the magazine. When the pages are torn out don't worry about them being perfect. Fold the page in half (the long way) pretending that it is a complete rectangle and make the sides line up. The photo below shows a page that I tore out. It's really crooked (I drew an orange line to show that a little better) and it still works. I folded each piece in half four times until I was left with a strip that is about 1/2" inch (about 13 mm) wide.

Step: 3: I added each strip to my piece by keeping the folded edge outside and the open side toward the inside. When I decided that my base was wide enough (5 in. across or approx 13 cm) I started going up by placing each strip about 1/8" (approx 3 to 4 mm) above the previous row.

Step: 4: As you place each strip down only do so a short piece at a time because the glue dries really fast. I didn't use something like Elmer's glue because that's the opposite - takes too long plus it makes the paper bend our of shape. For a cleaner look I only used a very thin line of glue. It was more than enough and it didn't seep out from under the edges. I glued each strip of paper down, leaving a small piece unglued so that I could tuck in the following strip under it. See photos below.

Step: 5: Here's my unfinished bowl. I'm not sure if I'm done yet because it may become more of a vase shape if I keep going. For obvious reasons if you decide to make a vase use a water proof container on the inside. The only thing that is really missing is to make the last row all even so there aren't any stray paper ends as you can see in the photo below.

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